Monday, 15 April 2013

Andalucia: Sevilla at Easter

The fact that Andalucia is a special place is beyond doubt. Go there at Easter and it is even more special with many religious festivities taking place in most major centres by day. Chief among these activities are those taking place in Sevilla. A long awaited trip to Spain but really worth it. Although there for a week, the journey began and ended in Sevilla.

A few images of the city and festivities.



A pre-spring Brussels but cool.

Brussels in the cooler months should best be avoided BUT I managed to do my Easter chocolate shopping!! That made up for it.

A week in Brussels for work - however, it started off with 2 days of stomach virus that I believe was a purifying process to allow for the chocolate, good food and beer later in the week. A slow start to finish with a flurry. The week was also cool and raining on and off - some it lived up to expecations.